Looking to build an unbeatable sales team? 


Aleant is a specialist recruitment firm focused on recruiting top sales talent throughout the world


Aleant is breaking a vicious cycle of poor hiring decisions resulting in poor sales performance


It takes more than personality and experience to determine whether a candidate will be successful in sales


Our assessment tools measure & compare a candidate’s skills and abilities to specific sales roles


Our experience is your biggest asset

At Aleant, we understand the importance and impact of every hire as we are committed to delivering results in each engagement. Our Sales Experience, Specialization as a Firm, Methodology, Process and Assessment Tools provide our clients a unique, proven and comprehensive solution to recruiting, hiring and retaining top sales talent.

As former sales leaders we leverage our experience to work with our clients to ensure we identified the most critical aspects of the sales process. This allows us to accurately define the role and necessary skills and applicable assessment tools prior to beginning a project.

A comprehensive recruiting solution used by companies throughout the world.


Sales resources have the biggest impact on organizations – both good and bad. Whether you’re looking for an inside sales rep or a National Account Manager – it’s vital to have the right person with the right skills.

At Aleant we take a comprehensive approach to recruiting top sales talent for our clients that starts with fulling understanding all the dynamics unique to our client. From experience, culture, management style and of course skills, our process looks at every detail that could impact the success of a sales rep.

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Leveraging over 50 years of combined sales leadership experience